Four Reasons to Go Sturgeon Fishing this Year

More than 33 million people go fishing as often as possible according to a report from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. While a number of anglers favor specific types of fish over all the species out there to be caught, sturgeon stand out in a class all their own. Though there are plenty of reasons for seeking out this particular breed with the Top Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Guides Johnny’s Sport fishing has to offer, some are more noteworthy than others.

Step up to the Challenge

Some fish, like bream, are fairly easy to bring in as long as they don’t steal the bait and run with it. Others are a bit more difficult. Sturgeon fall into the latter category. Their wills and bodies are strong, and they’re not afraid to use this strength to their advantage. If you’re looking for a challenge, sturgeon fishing is definitely the adventure for you.

Reel in the Big Ones

Sturgeon are the most sizable freshwater fish on the continent. Many measure 45 inches or longer, and some can grow to be more than five feet in length. They’re well worth being the object of even the most intricate fish tale with no exaggeration necessary.

Catch Your Fill

In many cases, anglers out for sturgeon don’t have to settle for just one. Most fishing expeditions bring in at least ten with some being even more fruitful. Whether fishing for the sheer adventure of it or looking to feed the family for quite some time, sturgeon fit the bill.

Have a Meal Fit for a King

Some fish are more bones than meat, making cleaning, cooking and eating them a less-than-enjoyable experience. This isn’t the case with sturgeon. They don’t have all those tiny, needle-like bones to deal with, and they provide plenty of meat to savor. At the same time, many people insist they’re some of the tastiest fish out there.

Numerous fish species of all shapes, sizes and colors roam the lakes, rivers and oceans just waiting for the right angler to come along. Some are basically more trouble than they’re worth whereas others aren’t easily accessible. Sturgeon offer just the right blend of attributes, placing them among the most enjoyable catches on a number of levels.