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Where To Sell Gold Jewelry

It is also possible to put a price tag on the piece yourself. This way, you’ll be the one to determine the how much you’ll sell the item for. More or less, you still remember the price you have paid for when you bought the jewelry from the store. Sixty to seventy-five percent of its original value is a good Read More

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How To Get Best Value For Used Jewelry

The best help and advice that i can give to anyone who wants a diamond buyer nyc will be to absolutely steer clear of second hand outlets. These kind of places will only offer you around 20% of the true worth for your diamond jewelry or coin collection. Could be the potential buyer is looking for a particular make of Read More

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How To Thoroughly Prepare For Jewelry Appraisals

The real question is: Would you rather have 00 bucks in your hand – OR are you willing to take a gamble and see if you can find someone willing to put a profit on them for you. There is a lot of money to be made by selling gold jewelry through dollars4gold. What’s a good deal when selling your Read More