Buy Fine Diamond Jewelry to Wear

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Once the process is complete click to view the details, in this webpage you can also click the “Add third Diamond” box to attach the diamond to the ring. All prices are then shown including the jewelry appraisal cost. Choose your warranty length and country for a final cost, then click on one of the three checkout options. At this point type in the correct information and proceed.

The letters “GF” means gold-filled and “HGE” for heavy gold electroplate. GF and HE pieces are of less value than those with markings like 14K and 10k. Pure gold is 24 Karats, but it is too soft to hold the jewelry’s shape so most gold jewelry is mixed with other metals. The higher the K, the more gold mixed with the other metals.

Regards and please watch the road. David Foard F.G.A.A. Fellow of the Gemological Association of Australia and former member of JATVC – The Valuers Council (retired).

British Jewelry with a full UKHM (United Kingdom Hall Mark) is generally clearly stamped and readable after you clean it (check the website below for another complimentary article on ‘How to Clean your Jewelry at Home’).